Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ecclesiastes 9:10

"Whatever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might."

In this tough economy, people are finding it increasingly difficult to find employment. Many have been laid off jobs, and are having a hard time finding new work. For people who are unemployed I say, do not despair. It may be that being unemployed may afford you the opportunity to discover new skills that you did not know you had. It may be an opportunity for a career change, and to start something new. It was because of job loss that I discovered my present career as a Physical Therapist.

If I had not lost my job at the bank, which I hated, but thought I could not afford to leave, I would have never thought that there was a career waiting out there for me, that gave me personal satisfaction, and security. In my walk with God, I had developed a keen interest in natural health and wholesome living. My old job at the bank did not afford me opportunities to explore the world of wholistic living, but I kept myself well-informed on the subject while on the old job. When I lost that job and started working in health care, I continued to deepen my study in wholistic health and became quite knowledgeable, but I still did not know which liflelong career path to choose. Should I be a nurse? A physician? Finally, I met a fellow student at college who was studying to become a Physical Therapist, and she told me all about the career. From that instant I was hooked, and God opened up opportunities for me to study and excel in this field. By keeping myself busy,and never giving up, I was able to make a career change for my life.

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