Sunday, January 17, 2010

Avatar: The Movie

Well, I went and watched this movie in the midst of controversy surrounding this movie, and I have nothing but high praise for this movie.  Good job Mr. Cameron!  Avatar is a feast of wonder for the eyes, and is well worth watching, especially in 3-D.  The special effects and sounds all come alive in 3-D, and many times you felt as if you were transported to Pandora, the world of the Navi people.

The story line is especially touching and will resonate with people on many levels, for it is a re-telling of the story of the fight of native peoples against invading conquerors who seek to rape their land of valuable resources.  As an ethnic minority myself, I was transported back into history to the time of place of my primitive ancestors, and their struggles against extermination by oppressive invaders, whose only goal was to rape the land of its resources.

Some however are offended by the overt nature-loving spirituality depicted in the movie, as in the case of the Vatican.  We need to remember however that before the organized religion of civilized man, the religion of ancient, primitive man (before the flood) was nature-based.  Even the followers of Yahweh adhered to a nature-based religion, with the only difference being that the followers of Yahweh studied nature to learn more about God and to worship Him, while the others studied and worshipped nature as God.  This nature-based religion continued even after the flood, with the establishment of new civilizations, and was a big part of the Hebraic religions - Judaism and Christianity.


Daughter of Wisdom said...

Great movie!

Chubbymommyme said...

I love this movie..Common is not a word that you will utter when asked how it was

Daughter of Wisdom said...

I totally agree Chubbymommyme! Welcome to my blog. Nice to have you here.