Friday, May 30, 2014

Emotional Baggage Removal Program (EBRP)

Rev. Hillary Dawes, PhD. SC-C

Emotional Baggage Removal Program (EBRP) is a spiritual coaching program designed to remove emotional baggage from past relationships out of your life, so that you don't carry it into any new relationship you may have, and ruin that relationship.   A lot of people go around carrying toxic emotions from past broken relationships, divorces, bad marriages, bad relationships, bad job situations, and emotionally traumatic childhood that creates dysfunctional relationship dynamics.  The emotional baggage causes them to attract more and more bad relationships, instead of  attracting the loving relationships they so much desire.  This is because you only attract your mirrors - a universal law.    So if you are carrying hate, anger, and bitterness on the inside, then you are going to attract more hate-filled, anger-filled, and bitter relationships in your life.   Your emotional baggage is going to unload itself in whatever relationship you are in, and create a toxic situation that only attracts more toxicity.    In order to change this around, so that you can attract more positive relationships, it is important therefore that you get rid of the emotional baggage that you are carrying around, and replace it with positive emotions.    "You attract what you are."  

EBRP gets rid of emotional baggage through spiritual counseling, as well as a series of spiritual practices that you do daily, that are designed to get rid of  your specific emotional baggage.   Spiritual practices include meditation/prayer, journaling, affirmations, physical activities, and sound/music therapy to name a few.   Spiritual practices are tailored to YOUR level of spirituality, and are in accordance with Universal Spiritual Law, common across all cultures and belief systems.   The five-week EBRP is as follows:

Week One:  Making Peace with Your Past
Week Two:  Increasing Love and Appreciation of Self
Week Three:  Increasing Positive Emotions
Week Four:  Making Peace with God (or the Universe)
Week Five:  Managing Stress in Relationships 

If you are interested in EBRP, please contact me on my website.

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