Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sacred Sexuality 101

Rev. Hillary Dawes, PhD, SC-C

We are so used to hearing about the negative effects of sex.  We are bombarded on a daily basis on the negative effects of sex with news reports of rape, sodomy, gang rapes, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, affairs, and sexually transmitted diseases.   We tend to warn our young people to stay away from drugs, violence, and also sex.   Sex is so powerful that it can bring down even the most powerful people in society.   Who has not heard of this powerful leader or that powerful leader being brought low by sexual indiscretions, love affairs, and bad marriages?   Donald Sterling was brought low by racial comments made to his mistress.   Bill Clinton was brought low by being caught in an sexual act in the White House, with Monica Llewinsky.  What about Senator John Edwards?   After his sex scandal/affair, we have not seen nor heard from him again.   With all the negative press about sex, it is very difficult to have a positive, healthy, attitude towards sex that is fulfilling and positively life-transforming.  Yeah, you read right.  Sex can be positively life-transforming; and it is, when you practice sacred sexuality.   

When you practice sacred sexuality, you will begin to understand the purpose of sex, and how sex can change your life for the good.  You will understand how the Creator built us for that, and why, and how sex can even contribute to world peace.   We are all created sexual beings.   Our sexual development is very much a part of our physical and emotional development.  Lack of understanding of the spiritual aspects of sex contributes greatly to the stunting of our emotional development, and is the source of lack of peace of mind in society, hence the negative manifestations of sex in society.   In sacred sexuality, whether you are single or married, you too can learn and appreciate how to apply the principles of sacred sexuality in your life, so that you can spiritually grow and evolve into a more grounded person, who is at peace with God and humanity.   

Because sex can be such a complex and controversial issue, I won't be able to get into all of it in one blog, so I have created a spiritual coaching program, designed to address some of the more basic issues, as it relates to sacred sexuality.  What I can say, as an introduction to that program,  is that we need to remove the negative stigmas, and return sex back to it's rightful place, where it all started - the Creator.  When we start to view sex from a spiritual standpoint, instead of just merely physical or moral, then we will truly begin practicing the art of sacred sexuality,  which will manifest for us the peace of mind and joy in life, that we all seek.   The sacred sexuality spiritual coaching program is as follows:

Week One:  Male and Female as image of God
Week Two:  Fornication vs. Pre-marital sex: Why They are Not the Same Thing. 
Week Three:  What's love Got to Do With It?
Week Four:  Emotional, Physical and Spiritual All in One 

Once you start practicing the art of sacred sexuality, expect to find more positive experiences in life, as you and/or your relationships heal.  You will find the world to be a much more loving and peaceful place, and most of all, you will feel fulfilled, and be at One with those around you.  

To contact me about sacred sexuality coaching, please go to my website, and fill out the contact form, and send it to me.

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