Saturday, July 25, 2009

Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform is now the new buzz in the news. As the President and Congress try to hash out a health care proposal for the country to get those 47 million uninsured Americans covered, part of the savings in the health care costs is supposed to come from decreased utilization of services due to increased health. Health and wellness is supposed to be a big part of the new health care initiative, as healthy people do not use health care services that much. I myself am a good example of that. I only go to the doctor for check ups: Physicals, mamograms, and Pap smears. I do suffer from some minor chronic ailments such as acne, which I controll naturally with diet, good hygiene, facials, and plant-based topicals. I am a big believer in the natural healing arts, and I do believe that if the natural healing arts are allowed to flourish under the new health care initiative, then the country will definitely see huge health care savings.

In theory, health care costs WILL BE REDUCED if people follow preventative care. The question however is: Will people do what it takes to remain healthy? From my experience of dealing with sick people, I find that many are not willing to make the sacrifice needed for good health. Some become motivated to get healthy after a major life-threatening illness, but many still continue with their old bad habits even after they have been educated. It seems like it takes more than sheer will power for some to change their health habits. I know for myself, that it was VERY HARD for me to change some of my bad eating habits, and it is still a work in progress, although with excellent progress. I do not think I could have done it without the help of God.

The health and wellness program that I adhere to is found within the pages of the Bible. I think this is the BEST health prevention program ever. I am a follower of the health principles from the Bible as taught by Jordan Rubin in his book The Maker's Diet ( As a Physical Therapist, I am a professional health care specialist in the science of movement, body functionality, and exercise. I am also a Spiritual teacher with a prophetic edge. I am able to take Biblical teachings and make current day applications for the present time, while laying a foundation for future time (this is classically what prophets do). Many times I post entries on this blog, and then I hear them talking about the same things on the news a few days later. Even some of the things I have written in my book I hear them talking about those very same things in the media and over the airwaves, as if they were new ideas. Coincidence? Or prophetic insight? You be the judge.

Health care reform is definitely needed in this country to increase access to good health care. My prayer is that alternative practitioners as myself will be allowed to practice the healing arts, that have worked for thousands of years.


crackpot said...

It would be nice if the new health care inititive were based on a legitimate desire to help those who are uninsured, but everything I've heard on the subject is leading me to believe the government is attempting to use this plan to extract more taxes from an already over burdened public. New taxes will be imposed on workers and businesses. If the workers and businesses refuse to buy the government insurance they will be fined by the government. Also, people don't want government bureaucrats determining who gets treatment and who is too old and should therefore die.

Daughter of Wisdom said...

Crackpot, I have heard those things too. I really, really hope that in the end they will come up with something that is fair and beneficial for all. Let us keep working and praying for that.

Anita C. McCants said...

Great post!
Like so many others,
I need to do better.

And I will do better.

Daughter of Wisdom said...

Hi Anita! Great hearing from you again. I was wondering what had happened to you the past three weeks. Welcome back