Sunday, November 29, 2009

Make Your Home a Haven That Excites the Senses

You know, the holidays are special to me because they provide the opportunity for me to enjoy my home when otherwise I would be dashing in and out being pre-occupied with other things- whether it is dashing off to work, or on errands, or sitting in front of this computer working for endless hours - I sometimes do not even notice my home.  I do however try to create a haven of rest and relaxation in my home that tends to calm or excite the senses, and that takes my mind off the 'hot topic' of the day.  For this Thanksgiving season , I was a little late with my decorating, but I got it all done on Thanksgiving Day, before the guests arrived!  I created an ambience of the season of fall.  You know, down here in Florida we don't experience the fall season like many of our neighbors up north.  There are no leaves changing color, and very little by way of cold weather, unless of course you came to my house!  In my house I had real leaves of different fall hues (purchased at the grocery store of course!), dried floral arrangements, scented pine cones (I purchased some, but I picked up some unscented ones for free at the park this weekend!), and scented cinnamon broom.  The home smelled of apples and cinnamon, and I completed the effect with a large burning scented candle, and some Christmas lights on a artificial palm tree as a back drop.  I also had miniature indian corns and miniature squashes as all part of the decoration.  I opened the back windows, and let the fresh air from outside cool the outer den, and inside we sat in air conditioned comfort (sorry, I could not open my other windows as they were stuck from years of being too old!).

I think I am beginning to love this old home which I bought.  At first, I was so disappointed that I missed out on purchasing a newer home because of the run on real estate a couple of years ago, and I really hated this house.  I bought out of necessity because we needed a place where my husband could work on cars without interference from neighbors or the city, in our own garage.  We were living previously in an apartment and if our cars broke down, he had nowhere to work on them.  Now I have grown to love this house.  It has become a place of comfort and solace.  I feel comfy here.  It is quiet, I have greenery all around me on the outside, and inside it's a haven.  Many times I feel the presence of God within these walls bringing me peace and joy.

I pray that everyone will make their home a haven - a place where the love of God, and His peace rests, and where you can enjoy all the good things God has given you.

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