Thursday, August 20, 2009

Follow Up to Antidote to Stress and Message of Hope

True to my intuitive feelings, this week has turned out to be a dangerous one on the world scene. What with the heightened violence in Afghanistan and Iraq, the threat of Hurricane Bill to the Florida coast, the continued heightened state of threats from both sides of the health care debate, plus other going ons worldwide too numerous to mention.

I think now is our time as Christians to show leadership in how to deal with problems in a positive way. Many times we give in to despair and fear when facing problems or potiential problems, instead of facing them with faith. We Christians have a long history of facing fear with faith, and yet somehow we seemed to have lost that skill. It is time for us to find again and exercise our God-given gifts for conflict resolution. We need to learn how to face life challenges with love, faith, hope, and perserverance, and not give in to despair.

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