Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Rev. Hillary Dawes, PhD, SC-C

Those of us living in the Western Hemisphere were treated to a spectacular lunar eclipse on April 15, the very first night of Passover, the Jewish festival.  I was one of those who tried to stay up late to watch, but ended up falling asleep before the actual event.  I woke up at about 5:00 am, and rushed outside with iPhone in hand to see if I could catch even a glimpse, but it was all over, except for the receding shadow of the Earth darkening just a tiny piece of the brilliantly lit moon. Awww....I had wanted so much to see this......

If you were like me, and missed this wonder in the sky,  you will have three more chances coming up soon.   The next lunar eclipses will be on Sukkot 10/08/14, Passover 4/4/15, and Sukkot 9/28/15.   I definitely plan on NOT missing these.  

A lot of people are wondering if there is any significance to these blood moons, seeing that they all fall on Jewish feast days.   Firstly, let me say that lunar eclipses are nothing strange.  They are natural celestial events that occur from time to time.  Secondly, the feast days of Passover and Sukkot always fall on a full moon (Passover) or near a full moon (Sukkot).  Thirdly, lunar eclipses always occur during a full moon, so nothing strange there either.   Fourthly, the color of the moon during lunar eclipses is of a reddish hue, so nothing strange there either.   What is strange is the occurrence of these four lunar eclipses on Jewish feast days.   Watch the video below from NASA website that explains how lunar eclipses occur.

Much prophetic fervor surrounds the appearance of the blood moons of 2014-2015.  Pastor John Hagee, TV Evangelist, is one of the most ardent promoters of the four blood moons, attaching Biblical and prophetic significance to them.   As a spiritual teacher, I always try to see what, if any spiritual significance is attached to unusual occurrences in nature.  I believe that God does work through His creation to send messages to us in symbolic form.  While we may not listen to God speaking to us in our hearts, or even ignore His still small voice, the messages which come to us through nature are very difficult to ignore - they get our attention! What I have noticed is that everyone has seemed to have gotten a different message from this one event.  To the Evangelicals, this is a warning of impending doom and the return of Christ.   To the dooms-dayers, this is a sign of the end of the world.  To astronomers, this is an opportunity to learn more about our universe.    To astrologers, it's a sign of how the Earth is being 'ruled' by the activities of the moon.   The point I am trying to make is that we have all received different messages, that fits in with where we are in our spiritual journey here on Earth; so my message might not resonate with yours, and your message might not resonate with mine, because your message is for you, and my message is for me.  

So What Do the Blood Moons Mean to Me?

RED - fiery passion of the Love of God
PASSOVER - freedom from spiritual bondage in 'Egypt'
SUKKOT (FEAST OF TABERNACLE) - God 'tabernacling' within us, in our own 'tent' (body).  


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