Sunday, January 18, 2009

Follow Up to A New Year A New You

It has been now two weeks since I started by detox/diet program, and I must say I am having success! I have successfully completed the first two weeks of fasting, and today I started a low-carb diet. I am glad to be eating food again during the day, but the strange thing is that I had less cravings when I was fasting than now! Anyway, I just have to get used to this low carb diet, so I can control my craving for sweet, sugary foods and carbs. Eating too much carbs can really make one pack on the pounds. I plan to burn fat in two ways, exercise and diet.

Weigh in: 1/4/09 196.8 lbs start of program
1/11/09 191.2 lbs week 1
1/18/09 191.4 lbs week 2

Okay, so I did not lose any weight the end of the second week, but that could have been water weight from my period. It could also have been that my metabolism slowed down to match my decreased food intake. In any case, I am going to give my metabolism a big boost by switching to a fat burning diet (low carb) and doing fat burning exercises. Last week, I failed miserably to implement fat burning exercises, as I was soooo busy with work! I do move a lot and exercise on the job with patients, but those exercises are not fat burning. I need to take time out for myself and do what is right for me.

I must admit, losing the weight is not easy, as hormonal changes play a huge role in my weight, but I am willing to keep on fighting until I win. I feel motivated because year before last I was wearing a size 16, and weighed over 215 lbs. I now fit into sizes 12-14, and lost over 20 lbs and kept it off. I am determined not to use any weight loss drugs or surgery. My theory is that if I can gain control over my cravings, then I can control my weight. Wish me luck!

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