Sunday, April 5, 2009

Difficult Sayings of the Bible Explained

During this passion week I will be launching my new series labeled "Difficult Sayings of the Bible Explained." In this series I will be tackling some of the more conflicting and controversial passages of scripture, and explain them. This will be an opportunity for those of us who are serious Bible students to come to grips with some of the more hard-to-understand truths in the Bible, and to lift the veil of mystery and apparent conflict in scripture.

One of the arguments used by Bible skeptics against the Bible is that there are contradictions in scripture. To the superficial Bible reader, this criticism may appear to be true; however, one must understand that the Bible was not meant to be read like a novel or storybook, but is a holy textbook which requires careful study. By taking the time to study the Bible, one will come away with timeless truths for all time, which will illuminate and change mind, body, and soul.

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