Saturday, April 11, 2009

In The Fullness Of Time

Today, Saturday April 11 2009, Christians around the world are remembering how Christ laid in the tomb after His crucifixion. This Sabbath was a time of mourning for His early followers, and a time of fear. Many no doubt feared that they too would be next to be crucified for their faith. What is however overlooked about this day was that it also a day of rest. A day of rest for Christ from His earthly ministry, and a day of rest from His enemies. His enemies had crucified Him and He was dead, but no more could they hurt Him anymore. He was forever out of their control. He was now resting in God's hand.

One cannot help but notice the timing of the whole crucifixion and sacrifice of Christ. He was killed at the time of Passover, during the time of the evening sacrifice. His suffering on the cross was marked by a total eclipse of the sun which lasted 3 hours. He "rested" in the tomb on the Sabbath, and was resurrected on Sunday, at the time of the Jewish Spring offering. A great juxtaposition of the Creator with creation, the Spiritual with the natural. All heaven, earth and nature in complete harmony with the Creator. All heaven, earth, and nature mourned the loss of the Son of God, and rejoiced at His resurrection. Let us therefore now get our lives in harmony with our Creator this Spring. Spring is a time of renewal, when the earth comes to life again, after the cold of winter. Let us therefore use this time not only to reflect upon the "coming to life again" of our Savior Jesus, but also use this time accept and receive the new life He is giving to us.

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