Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Feel Good

I am feeling a little poetic today. I felt inspired as I woke up this morning to a new day, feeling refreshed and well. Last week I celebrated my birthday, and yes, I may be in my 40's, but I feel really, really, good. No significant health problems to complain of, and NO WRINKLES. I have good teeth, a glowing complexion, strong bones and muscles, and healthy hair with almost no gray hair.

I feel good, because I serve a loving Creator who cares about His creation
I feel good, because I know He loves us more than we can ever love Him
I feel good, because He gave us life and life so much more abundantly
I feel good, because no problem is too small or too great for Him
I feel good, because no matter what life may throw at us, He holds us in His care
We can rest in His bosom knowing that we are safe.

I feel good, because He holds the world and the universe in His hands
I feel good, for all the provisions He has made for us here on Earth
I feel good, because He has given to us the bounty of the Earth all good things to enjoy
I feel good, because His generosity never fails.

- Daughter of Wisdom 2009


crackpot said...

I really like your poem. Thanks for sharing these're very inspirational.

Daughter of Wisdom said...

Thank you so much for your kind words Crackpot.